Wholesale Corals for sale

Wholesale Corals for sale – One questions we get asked a lot is: Why do we wholesale coral to international importers and do not ship them to retail customers? The answer is in the complexity of shipping life coral internationally. We grow coral in our ocean based aquaculture coral farm. We do this on quite a scale to make it a viable business and to guarantee to have enough nice healthy life coral to ship via airfreight at one time. The truth is with protected species like life coral it is quite involved to clear all the administrative hurdles to be able to export the coral. On the receiving end our wholesale coral importers have to do their side of the paperwork in order to receive the precious cargo. This all has to happen in a very time sensitive manner so that the coral gets to its destination in a reasonably quick time frame. The transit of living organisms is tricky and prolonged time frames in the transportation cases can lead to dramatic losses. Something only experienced coral import companies should attempt. A layman will be overwhelmed by the hurdles and import restriction, knowing the right procedures and having access to the right custom clearance agents that are familiar with the challenges of this metier. And quite frankly its not worth the effort to import a single coral or just a few specimen. In some countries coral importers have to go to a rigorous qualification process to even be allowed to handle life coral import. Even if one could get a coral at half price, the effort would completely outweigh the savings of a wholesale price. On our end we are going to the same motions to get life coral to our wholesale distributors. Each shipment has quite large fixed cost for government control, cites papers, processing and such before the cargo even gets airborne. The whole import and export of life coral is a task best left to the professionals. If one thinks about the whole idea of bringing a precious and fragile specimen from one end of the world to the other it is a bit mind boggling. We are happy to work with so many dedicated specialists in the field of wholesale coral import. Without or professional partners we would not be able to supply our coral to so many people worldwide. Its good to know that our efforts promote the beauty of life coral from the Southeast Asia region to the rest of the world. In some sense our coral becomes an ambassador of the tropical waters they grow in. Our wholesale coral importers help to let us ‘grow closer together’.

inspection of farm raised coral for shipment
the inspection of farm raised coral by government officials