Exciting Developments

We have exciting news. Something that’s exciting to us, to be precise. We are currently building new shipment facilities. That rather mundane fact is good news not only for our team but also for our many wholesale coral import partners worldwide. Even though it probably does not matter much to anyone where we process our shipments, it matters if our process is smoother, quicker and more efficient. Close proximity to the international airport and our ocean based farm is also a consideration in the location. We are excited to upgrade our aquaculture facilities to be able to handle more shipments, quicker and easier. This one will be custom built to our specifications so we know it will be a great fit for our logistics team and our packaging and shipping operations the same way as it will cater to the needs of the involved government agencies. Construction is in full progress and we don’t have any details to share yet. Rest assured we are working our regular business as well as expanding for the increasing demands so that we will remain able to handle our expanding life coral export business. For any outsider it is just a humble unassuming industrial building; for us it is a the promise of a bright tomorrow.