Marine Cultured Coral

See our gallery of available coral from our own coral farms We breed coral in our ocean cultures and offer an expanding choice of species and types.

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Multicolor Stones

We offer two and three color stones with different variety of corals on one stone. This will help to create a colorful setup in a smaller physical space.

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Artificial Rock

We offer artificial cultured live rock. See how we infuse marine live to these man made decorative rocks.

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Sustainability is our guiding principal

Coral are a vital part of the oceans ecosystem. We at Blue Star Bali are concerned with a sustainable use of our precious aquatic creatures. We only sell farm raised coral from ocean cultures...


Are you a wholesale Dealer?

If you are a aquatic wholesale dealer and your are interested in our current inventory, please send us your contact info and we will be happy to share our price list with you. If you are a retailer, we will be happy to connect your with one of our importers near your location.