cleaning farm raised coral from algae

We grow coral

Our Farm Raised coral is produced in the ocean on the island of Bali. We use the process of fracturing of using a coral we call mother coral and fragmenting it in smaller pieces. Those small fragment grow with time into full size corals. The coral are mounted onto small stones and secured on underwater tables. Tables are suspended in about 3 to 4 feet under the surface. That is the optimal depth to grow beautiful coral in this aquaculture operation.

For more pictures please check out our gallery of coral.


Multicolored Coral

We offer two and three color stones with different variety of corals on one stone. This will help to create a colorful setup in a smaller physical space. Due to the process of fractioning we can place two or more different species on one stone and thus create a more dense setup for your fish tank. Although we mostly sell singe color coral, due to the nature of our business we are able to produce a nice variety of special products. See our blog for details on offering coming available for shipment in the near future. Ask us for details.


Artificial Rock

Artificial base rock materials consist principally of pumice, sand and other environmentally friendly materials that are mixed and then compounded.  We try to design artificial base rock close to the real natural live rock. This means we have to replicate the natural occurrence of cavities and natural shapes to maintain a lifelike appearance of the final tank installation. The artificial base rock is packed without oxygen supply and without water in an only humid environment lowers the cost of shipping. We are able to maintain the quality of the artificial base rock, keeping the temperature and humidity within specifications so that algae attached to the rock stays alive until its arrival at the destination. We offer artificial base rock at competitive prices which means that we sell at landed price, where prices already include shipping, document handling and cost of packaging.


We love the ocean and its splendor

with sustainable farming we help future generations to enjoy living coral while making a coral reef in a fish tank possible. Instead of harvesting coral from the reef and endangering its future, we offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.

Beautiful color

Coral has a mesmerizing beauty. But aside from the aesthetics, Coral have a vital part in the ethological system of the coral reef. They provide shelter to other species, coral helps to clean the ocean but is at the same time very sensitive to pollution and changes in temperature for example. By farming coral we help to spawn new coral colonies throughout the pacific ocean.


Please contact us

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