Our business is under water

Well, sort of. Exactly speaking most of our business happens under the glistening surface of an ocean lagoon near the south tip of of the island of Bali. While that is true, hold your breath and don’t worry. Our operations have been quite successful, despite the challenges a tourism hiatus presents us with. Under water is meant here in a more literal sense.

While administrative work, sales calls, processing and taking care of all the pesky documentation needed for exporting protected and endangered species will all take care on dry land, our precious coral relies on the tropical waters they grow and flourish in. So in some respect our aquaculture operations happen under water for the longest time. Coral grows slow in nature and we have found ways to expedite the process by means of fracturing and regrowing multiple offspring from one ‘mother’ coral. All that succeeds best in a somewhat protected, natural environment. But it takes time to nurture and grow coral. The right amount of nutrients, the right temperature, just enough tidal flows to keep things in motion guarantees success. We frequently have to clean the coral tables from algae overgrowth and check on the corals health and growing progress in regular intervals. While some people sit behind a desk or work in a retail shop, much of what we do means putting on some scuba gear and getting wet. But we don’t complain about it. After all this is why millions of travelers come to to our beautiful island of Bali every year – to get their feet wet in the tropical paradise. The only difference between the seasonal guests and our team at the Blue Star coral farm is we are getting paid. Not too bad if you ask us.