In Sync with Nature

Coral reefs are endangered throughout the oceans and the volume of living reef cultures has retreated over the last decades. We have found a viable alternative to wild harvested coral - we farm raise coral in the ocean. Bali has proven to be the ideal location for our aquaculture project and allows us to produce coral in compliance with all applicable international environmental and trade regulations.


The principle for farm raising coral is simple. We use small fragments of our mother coral (Generation F1) and grow them to desired size (Generation F2). We use special tables at the perfect height under water instead of the ocean floor or coral reefs. This allows for the optimum nutrition for the coral and the perfect light situation. Through our aquaculture farming program are we able to produce a vast variety of coral for international export.
Only once  is a wild specimen needed which then will produce all subsequent offspring. With that we are able to not even fulfil the need for living coral by an international clientele but we provide additional locations where coral can grow and spawn, thus invigorating the southern oceans and help to create more coral reefs. Our experienced staff works without any contaminating measures where all maintenance is done by hand. Our company not only ensures the future of coral reef ecosystems, but also the sustainability of the industry. We continue to be engaged in coral rehabilitation and conservation in the region so that future generations can enjoy the beauty and wonders of the coral reef – at home and in nature.

Our Story

We are one of exporters located in Bali, Indonesia. Our company established since 2009. We specialize in artificial cultured corals, artificial culture base rock and cultured soft coral. We have been shipping to Wholesalers in Europe, Asia as well as North America. Our location where we raise the corals in a natural lagoon is only 20 minutes from International airport Ngurah Rai, Bali, Indonesia. This allows us to supply you high quality of corals. With short time frames for packing and delivery to the airport we are able to avoid stress and provide a healthier product to our wholesale coral distributors. We ship diverse varieties and species of hand selected, colorful corals. We pride ourselves that we provide consistently high quality colorful corals. We are interested in expanding our cooperation and long term relationship with our business partners.

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