We reached our shipment quota for farm raised coral for March 2020

We have received pending orders that will max out the shipment quota until the end of March 2020. Thanks to our international wholesale customers we are happy to report we have sold enough life coral to satisfy the existing quota set by the Indonesian government until the end of March. After that time frame we will get a new quota calculated by the ministry of fishery that will allow us to continue shipping coral for the rest of the year. We suggest that our customers put their order in as early as possible so that we can make sure your order is processed and put in the system for processing. We are working at capacity to catch up with the backlog of shipping right now.

Our Team is dedicated to provide high quality farm raised coral from our aquaculture facilities located near the international Airport in Denpasar, Bali. We have plenty of ready-to-ship coral in different vibrant colors, multicolored coral and living stone for the ornamental fish trade. We are planning to increase shipping capacity as we grow more coral. Right now we are working diligently with the government to obtain Cites papers for the shipments after March 2020.