The covid pandemic leads to coral dying in transit

While we at Blue Star are lucky to be pretty much fully operational even during most part of the worldwide corona crisis, we are indeed affected by the fallout of the pandemic. We are very successful in growing the most beautiful coral and getting those processed for shipment quickly and efficiently. So far so good. The challenge presents it once the life corals are loaded onto planes to reach their final destinations. One of the unfortunate side effects of the covid crisis is extremely limited tourism worldwide and the fewer flights compared to the years in the past. This presents logistical challenges to the shipping coordinator. Our farm raised coral is shipped alive and keeping the transit time frames short is paramount for a high survival rate. Our strict supervised and time sensitive handling in our shipping department always guaranteed us survival rates that constantly ranked above industry averages. We are working hard to optimize routes and keep our high standards. But the limitations we encounter can lead to slightly higher numbers these days. So in some sense, covid is indirectly killing coral in small quantities. We work with our international wholesale customers to compensate for losses they might encounter on the receiving end. Our estimation is that we still do as good or even better than other coral exporting enterprises since we still operate from shipping and processing facilities in very close proximity to the airport. We are constantly looking to optimize routes to shorten transit time and to limit stress on the specimen. The demand on high quality coral is surprisingly strong, considering logistical and economic difficulties that most nations currently face. We consider ourselves privileged to be able to serve our international clientele and to be able to operate in regularity and orderly fashion. If you are a wholesale coral distributor and plan to order farm raised coral in the near future, you may want to place your order a bit earlier than usual. The extra lead time allows our team to find the best routes and shorten transit times. It sure helps to make our customers as happy as the coral.

Blue Star Farm raised coral