Happy New year from your team at Bali Blue Star Coral Farm

It has been a challenging Year. To be honest, it had been quite challenging for the last few years in the ornamental fish and coral trade. We had a few years that we were building our business and establishing relationships with our wholesale customers worldwide. Then we had a government prescribed shutdown of all coral exports. That two years put a strain on the industry at large and many of our colleagues had to close shop or venture into other directions. We took the time to continue to build up good inventory and to grow beautiful coral in the shallow waters off the island of Bali. We were lucky to be able to keep almost all workers on deck during the hiatus. Just as we cleared the biggest hurdles to implement new Government procedures for exporting life coral to the world Covid-19 appeared on the world stage and affected every part of human interactions in some form or shape. At this point I want to thank our staff that had pulled together and worked really hard to keep us operational. The additional organizational requirements made it quite time consuming to complete shipments. With the difficulties to cope with a shortage of flights it took extra efforts by all to deliver as many shipments as we were able to complete. We are thankful for our loyal customers who came back to us. We are thankful that all people in our team and their immediate family stayed healthy. We are looking forward to a great year. May 2021 bring you health, prosperity and peace. We look forward to be a part in that aspiration.