Life Coral Shipment to Germany completed

Life Coral Shipment to Germany completed – Some times things happen in different ways than we plan. This week we just completed a live coral shipment to Germany. It was a challenge like pretty much all shipments of our precious live coral in the age of a pandemic. With air travel reduced to a minimum we struggle to find ways to deliver our cargo in a reasonable quick way. Since we are dealing with live organisms we have to make sure that our shipment is not sitting in a cargo transfer station for extended periods of time. The Shipment to Germany took the scenic route over Jakarta and was forwarded to its international flight in the Indonesian capital. This approach to deliver to our customers international destinations is right now the only way to get our farm raised coral off the island of Bali. We have very limited international flights going in and out from Bali and will encounter these hurdles for the time being. We thank our loyal customers for their patience. We typically need a few more days to arrange and prepare shipments. Between the increased demand of documentation and paperwork by the government and the challenges in regard of the shipping logistics, we are working hard to fulfill our order in a timely manner. But we are happy that we are able to continue to provide our international wholesale customers with great and beautiful coral so that the world can enjoy the beauty of the tropical coral reef in a sustainable and sensitive way. Stay safe and let us know if we can assist you if you are in the business of the wholesale ornamental fish and coral trade.

live coral from indonesia
farm raised live coral from bali indonesia