Plans to Build an Underwater Coral Garden

Tourism had taken a step back during the fight against the pandemic. The largest industry in Bali can use any support possible. The government is taking active steps to bring visitors back to Bali. As a measure to educate the public and to provide a tourist attraction, the ministry of fisheries in Indonesia is planning to build a underwater coral garden in the shallow waters of the Bali coast. The exact location is not yet determined. One location in consideration is a diving destination already called “Coral Garden” in the Buleleng Region that could be expanded on. Alternatively a whole new location could be chosen where the artificial Reef will be built. Officials are working with supporters like the Blue Star Coral Farm to come up with a detailed plan how this is to be executed.

Funding for the project will come from different sources like public funds and private sponsorship. There is the plan to levy an entrance fee to help pay for the maintenance of such an attraction. Blue Star Corals will be featured in the underwater installation. We will supply a variety of coral that showcase different color and types of species. The Coral Garden is designed to provide relief to reefs from an onslaught of snorklers and to add a low impact tourist attraction to the island. While it may take a while to finalize plans, representatives of the coral farm industry have pledged their support and are ready to get to work. We are very much looking forward to contribute to this worthy cause as part of our commitment to environmental protection and public education.

coral raised in shallow water
Example of coral that will be showcased in Balis new underwater attraction the Coral Garden.