Is coral feeling the blue?

When humans feeling blue it is typically some sort of overall sadness we describe. But why? Blue is such a pretty color, we find.
At Bali Blue Star Coral Farm our coral is getting the blue treatment for a reason. At our shipping and processing facility we use blue light for the overall illumination. It mimics the type of light that one finds a few feet under water. The sun rays get filtered by the water molecules and blue has a shorter wavelength. Red and yellow has a longer wavelength and get filtered out while passing through water. We are working hard to minimize the stress that shipping does to the farm raised coral. By using blue light in the shipping facilities we reduce stress that full spectrum light can put on the coral. After the coral is collected from the ocean bound coral farm in the coastal waters of the south end of Bali, we give it some rest in our processing facility. There we can monitor the coral for health and overall condition before we pack it and ship it to our wholesale coral distributors. The conditions here in our facility are designed most closely to mimic the conditions in the wild in terms of water quality, light, temperature, oxygen and nutrient levels and such. The happier the coral is the healthier it is, and better for our customers. So in coral terms “feeling the blue” is a good thing. And our team agrees. Blue is just such a pretty color.

Blue light minimize stress which packing farm raised coral from our sustainable aquaculture operation