Opening of Bali should ease coral shipment

Opening of Bali should ease coral shipment – Bali has opened its doors to vaccinated tourists amid falling Covid-19 numbers this month. Also Indonesia has lifted requirement of negative Covid-19 results for domestic flights. The countries tourism minister Sandiago Uno told reporters that foreign tourists will still be required to have a negative PCR test before entering the country but all Quarantine requirements will be lifted from Tuesday on. At the Bali Coral Farm this presents good news. We expect a slow but steady recovery of tourism to more normal levels and a subsequent increase of international flights onto the island of Bali. We had been challenged at times to find flights that would allow a swift shipment of our farm raised coral to our wholesale customers. More flight means more options and will allow for more frequent shipments. If you are one of our cherished wholesale coral import customers and you are running low on inventory, let us know. We are currently evaluating shipping options and we are confident we will be able to present more options on shipping dates than in the recent past. Our team is working overtime to prepare more inventory for an increase of shipments. But we are also working on building a brand new shipment and packing facility. Our goal is to be even more prepared to deliver top quality farm raised life coral in shorter turnaround times for our worldwide coral customers.

Coral does not get infected from a respiratory Virus but that does not mean that it did not get effected from the worldwide fallout of the pandemic. It had been a few tough years for most of us. We as a aquaculture company are looking forward to some business as usual. By now that seems like a bit of luxury, doesn’t it.