Coral does not sleep

We like to think that nighttime is the time to rest and reset from the days activity. Hard coral uses the time of darkness to feed on plankton and other nutritious particles. But not only the coral is busy at night. Our team at blue star is very active at some nights for a good reason. Coral is sensitive to temperature, level of oxygen and other environmental factors that play a role during the transport of the life farm raised coral as it gets shipped to our wholesale customers all over the world. To minimize the stress on our precious cargo we go through all kind of efforts. While the quiet town not far from the Bali’s Denpasar Airport is largely sound asleep, our team is busy preparing a shipment of life coral in the darkness of night. For a shipment that leaves on a plane at 2 am in the morning, we are working hard to minimize the time frames in transit. We have established a routine the allows for a swift packing, labeling and documenting of the ornamental coral, that is destined for a trip of a lifetime. Even the coral export paperwork with all its strict regulations has been streamlined to be completed in a few short hours, with the loading onto the plane after the life coral had been carefully pulled from its ocean farm. So when we say coral does not sleep, neither do we. With many direct flights not available, we are finding new ways to ensure swift delivery, even if that it entails the occasional sleepless night. Knowing our precious cargo is tucked in safe and sound, lets us rest assured we have done the best we can to make our wholesale coral distributor happy.

Farm Raised Coral is ready for its shipment