Indonesian government pushing Vaccination for the Balinese people

The federal Government has made the tourist destination Bali a priority effort in their quest to get citizens vaccinated. According to new stories over 70 percent of the island population had received at least one dose of the vaccine while the rate in once vaccinated people nationwide is only at 22.5 percent. About 19 percent have received the second shot in comparison to about 10 percent nationwide. Bali’s economy has suffered greatly due to the travel restriction and the recent surge of cases due to the Delta variant. At the moment only citizens and permanent residents are eligible under the Government inoculation campaign. There are some one hundred thousand foreigners under different tourist and temporary visas that are not currently eligible for the vaccines. Dr. Dicky Budiman is a virologist involved in the Covid Response plan that see this as a worrisome situation and advocates for a broader approach of vaccination in Bali. Currently there are talk to further restrict business aside from the essential services. We as Coral Export specialists have been able to ship life coral with the limited shipping options that remain during these times quite successful. However, running a coral farm amid a pandemic has its set of challenges. We hope that the introduction of Astra Sceneca vaccines and the announcement to add also Moderna vaccines in great numbers to the war chest, gives confidence that Bali will be able to fight the pandemic more efficiently. Our ability to quickly process orders and ship them quickly to our coral wholesale distributors worldwide will greatly depend on the manpower and infrastructure at our disposal. We are glad to see that the government recognizes the important role the island of Bali plays in the overall economic health of the island nation of Indonesia. We do our part to encourage and support vaccination all of our employees and their families. While we use our resources to expand our growing operations we still continue to export life coral worldwide. We want to encourage our customers to continue to support our coral farm with their orders.