Bali Plans to Open for Travel this Summer

The Indonesian government is planing to launch a new “Travel Corridor” program for tourist this summer. Until then Bali limits its travel to essential travels only, which is strictly regulated and checked.

But there is plans under way to open the island to tourist travel this summer. The tourism minister Sandiago Uno wants to open Bali to travelers from countries with high vaccination rates and low numbers of Covid cases. The careful opening to international guests could happen as early as July 2021 and the focus will be on countries that have similar arrangements with the island nation of Indonesia. It is a bit early to book a vacation yet but this announcement give hope for a normalization of air travel in the future. Right now there are still no direct international flights to Bali, which has proven to propose a challenge for the export of live coral and ornamental fish. All flights are right now routed through Jakarta and that has been extending the transit times for many destinations. Even though we are successful in shipping live farm raised coral to destinations all over the globe, we encountered occasional issues with elevated mortality rates in our shipments. We appreciate the patience of our wholesale coral distributors on the other side of the oceans and we are looking forward to have a wider array of shipping options. We have used the past year to ramp up production and to add to our available inventory. Due to somewhat limited shipping we have a wide array of beautiful, healthy coral waiting to travel to their new home.

The Blue Star Bali Coral farm is a international exporter of coral in Southeast Asia (Bali) and sells to wholesale coral distributors worldwide.

Farm raised coral is grown in the ocean. Small fractured coral is fixed on tables in the waters of the coast of Bali. Here we have examples or our ocean based aqua-farming after grown to maturity. Our inventory is ready for shipping.