Indonesia is rolling out mass Covid 19 vaccinations

Indonesia just started distribution of the Sinovac Biotech vaccine that is produced and developed in China. As Reuters reports the Indonesian government unveiled plans to inoculate the working population first to deliver herd immunity faster. The logic behind that approach proposes more overall efficiency in arming the most active part of the population first since the young working people have more social contacts, travel more and would contribute to the spread of the virus the most. Compare with older people who stay more at home and have less social interactions there might be some merit to that approach. However, there is no data to support that theory and we will see if the Indonesian strategy will yield the desired results. The Indonesian government has contracted to receive around 126 Million doses of the Sinovac vaccine of which 3 million already arrived in the country. Shipments of vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca and the oxford University will arrive late spring to early summer while Pfizer vaccines are expected to be delivered in fall of this year.

Bali is one of the locations that will gain much by the vaccination rollout as its commercial activity is centered largely around tourism. Our industry as coral producer and exporter is flying on the wings of the tourism trade, literally. Our ability to deliver healthy coral to all corners of the world relies heavily on the availability of direct flights to key destinations in the world. We are very hopeful that the government efforts will have a swift positive impact on the economic recovery of our beautiful island nation. We will be ready to resume business to the full extend once we are of the other side of the pandemic. Until then we as a ocean coral farm are doing our very best to manage with the somewhat limited resources and continue to seek opportunity to ship wherever we can secure a place for our shipments. As in the past weeks, slight delays might be unavoidable so please place your orders as early as possible to leave us time to arrange for the logistics. We are looking forward to work with our wholesale customers in 2021 and beyond and to have the opportunity to welcome you in our island paradise once more.