Bali Coral Farm and environmental restoration

A good percentage of our total total coral production is not used for commercial purpose but is donated to restoration efforts in the coastal waters in Indonesia and especially in the coastal waters of Bali. Our Team at Bali Blue Star Coral farm is proud to be an integral part of Government efforts to repopulate damaged reefs and establish new coral reefs.

In the pictures you see our team taking part in a local reef restoration project. Not only are we able to help preservation efforts by offering alternatives to wild harvesting of coral for use in ornamental fish tanks, we can also directly provide already grown farm raised coral that are suited and acclimated to the environment in the wild. Because we raise the coral in the ocean instead of land based farming operations, our coral is perfectly suited to be planted in the wild. We can grow coral for the exact depth it will find its new home in and can ensure for a very high success rate. Here in the pictures the farm raised coral is placed on metal grids to be set near the site that is to be repopulated. Through this approach the divers who are entrusted with the task to plant the coral in their new location can avoid long transport and stress to the coral. We are very happy that our team of marine specialists is able to support the department of fisheries with environmental preservation and restoration efforts and we are looking forward to watch how coral from our coral farm is helping to preserve the wonders of the ocean for future generations. After all, is there anything more beautiful than a vibrant living coral reef. We think not, but we are a little bias when it comes to beautiful coral.