A coral detour

We all are getting tired of the Pandemic and the constant hardships and obstacles it creates worldwide. Our beautiful coral would seem to be least affected by a respiratory virus. But as we learned today, our latest shipment had been derailed due to an Airline pilot catching covid-19 and a flight being cancelled. Needless to say, our coral cargo had to return back to us. This is not the biggest catastrophe in our experience with transport obstacles. Its just another day in a tropical paradise island dealing with unforeseen issues. The coral shipment is back in its habitat, getting another round of recreation in the warm coastal waters before we can take another attempt in sending the life coral on its way to a fish tank near you. We take it with humor. I hope our wholesale customers are able to do that as well. With that in mind, stay safe, be healthy. We hope to see you soon here in Bali.

Update: the same shipment got derailed once more because of changed travel restrictions and another cancelled flight. The third attempt was successful and reached its destination. This was an unusual situation with farm raised coral taking multiple trips to the airport. One can argue that this particular shipment was some well traveled coral.

Farm raised coral in aquaculture setting