Shipment Quota for coral export reached for January 2020

Shipment quota for coral reached for January. In order to keep up with cites requests and shipment proceedings for the export of live coral the authorities have given quota to all coral exporters from Indonesia. This has created a backlog with the processing for many companies. We are happy to report that although we reached the January quota we still taking some order for February and March.

The process of exporting coral has been changed drastically from before the shutdown of the coral export industryPlease contact us as soon as possible if you would like to receive any shipments for the first quarter 2020. Every shipment of coral has to be applied for online 5 days before shipping. Then the government authorities will inspect the shipment and give a clear to proceed, if they find everything in order. This process is more costly and more complicated but it allows the government to crack down on illegal trade. It helps to protect the environment and control more closely what is exported. It will be very complicated to open a new coral farm or expand farming to additional species. So the industry should be prepared to some shortages and delays with some companies in the ornamental fish and coral industry in Indonesia.

Inspection of coral farm in the ocean
Inspection of the tables used to farm coral in the ocean

Please let us know if your company plans any orders for the first quarter so that we can put your order on our books and start the paperwork. This will ensure a smooth and timely processing and prompt arrival of your coral shipment. Our wholesale coral dealers still will have to do their customs and import due diligence at the port of entry. We are in the process to compile a list of customs agents in major ports of entry that might be instrumental in a swift and hassle free processing of your shipment. If you have not used a customs agent yet, and are interested to find one that can assist with the import of live coral, let us know. We can help locate one at your destination.

Currently we are processing and packing shipments and expect to be operating at typical capacity very soon. Our preparation has paid off and we are happy to be in a position where we are fully operational. Unlike some of our competitors, who have to wait for quota to be issued, we are able to book new shipments at this time. Please contact us for a list of available coral. As you might know, we ship coral in minimum quantities of 250 units. Please review the terms for more information. We are looking forward serving you (again).