Indonesia may be lifting coral export sanctions soon

Indonesia may be lifting coral export sanctions soon – The current ban on coral export from all of Indonesia may be coming to an end soon. Industry experts rumor that a solution of the ongoing inquiry between the two government agencies in charge of the export of life coral is on the horizon. When exact exports are ready to be made again is unclear. The moratorium had put a hardship on the industry, especially on smaller companies that lack the resources to sustain the payment of wages without revenue. We at the Blue Star Bali Coral Farm are lucky to be able to keep all our staff and maintain operational readiness throughout the hiatus. Not all of our competitors are in that situation and some have taken drastic measures to reduce cost. We are in the process of getting ready for the first shipments after the moratorium ends. We do have a large inventory of ready to ship coral and will be standing by once paperwork for the export is processed again. We will contact our current wholesale distributors once we have received the green light so that we can expedite shipments in a swift and effective manner. Please contact us and let us know your orders as soon as you can so that we can process it without delay. We are taking preliminary orders without shipping dates at this point in time. The Team of Blue Star appreciates your patience and we will be ready for you very soon.