Can you visit our Ocean Farm?

We get occasionally asked if we conduct tours of our operation. Unfortunately the answer is “it depends”. While we meet our customers and suppliers at our processing and shipping facility to coordinate government compliance and implement quality control measures, we do not conduct “factory tours” for the public. Considering that our location is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world, it is a rather unfortunate situation. However, there are various factors that play a role in this consideration. Our ocean based farming operations are in a lagoon area that is host to multiple leasehold stakes the government issues to different operations just like ours. So our ocean based farm is bordered by other sensitive installations, and we have to be conscious to not encroach on those and potentially damage them with increased traffic. Due to the shallow waters the boats we use to access the lagoon are rather small and will not be feasible to carry bigger crowds safely. While it might be a fascinating endeavor for the public to learn more about coral farming and the environmental sensitive process by which this is done, we have to be conscious to not jeopardize these very efforts for our operation and our colleagues as well. We hope that some time in the future we will be able to showcase the process to the public in some way. We at the Bali Coral Farm are convinced that it would be a worthwhile goal to accomplish. As of now we are not properly equipped to conduct a safe and efficient guest experience. It is regrettable as our coral is a great ambassador for the beauty of the South Eastern Sea. If you ever viewed any of the beautiful tropical reef installations in aquariums all over the world, the chances are pretty good you have marveled at a live coral that came from our region, if not from our farm. We do prepare shipments very regular and send our farm raised coral to every corner of the globe. So until we have the capability to host a great guest experience, we have to rely on those world traveling “ambassadors” as our spokespeople. Until then we can only encourage you to visit Bali and the beautiful Island Nation of Indonesia. There is so much to see and to do, you wont miss a beat.