ANOC Promotes Sustainability at World Beach Games 2023 Chef de Mission Seminar

The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) is implementing its Sustainability Plan to minimize its environmental impact and to raise awareness among the NOCs. Sustainability is a fundamental principle of the Bali 2023 Games Concept as ANOC and the local Organisation Committee.

For the Seminar ANOC has partnered with Bluewater to provide refill stations for attendees to fill their reusable water containers with purified drinking water. Bali is especially hard hit by an onslaught of plastic waste that travels through the ocean currents and lands at its beaches, as well as plastic waste that results from consumption on the island. ANOC and Bluewater will explore potential collaboration during Games-time at Bali 2023 in order to reduce plastic at the event.

ANOC also partnered with the Biodiversity Foundation (CMBF) on coral conservation. Until 2026 the two partners work actively together on the planting and maintenance of a coral garden. Each participating NOC will have coral fragments planted and maintained on their behalf. Delegates were invited to visit the coral fields to learn more about the dangers and threats the reefs are facing and to foster their own coral.

Nina Dwissanti of CMBF said: “We are so grateful that through our partnership with ANOC, we may secure some funds not only for installation but also for regular maintenance to ensure the healthy growth of the coral fragments until they can grow naturally.”