Bali Blues Star Coral Farm Conservation Efforts

The Team at Blue Star Bali Coral Farm is proud of our coral conservation efforts throughout the years. We want to showcase one organization that is instrumental in educating the public and preserving coral reefs around Bali. Coral Farming and preservation have a close relationship, and we are happy to support the efforts of our friends at the LINI Foundation.

Lini is one of the few non-profit organizations dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs in the Indonesian waters around Bali. The organization was established in 2008 by a group of marine scientists and works to promote community development through sustainable fisheries in Indonesia. Educational efforts in sustainable technologies include aquaculture and ornamental fish farming. Lini educates locals and tourists alike, and offer even educational vacation experiences that include training and reef restoration participation.

Blue Star Bali Coral Farm is one of the supplier of farm raised coral used in restoration efforts. LINI uses our corals to populate man-made structures as a foundation to form artificial reefs and for the restoration of depleted reefs. We are happy to be able to contribute to the important work of LINI.

Artificial Coral Reef