Work in progress

We have already started to use our new transfer facility where we quarantine, prepare, and ship our coral. While we don’t have everything completed we are at least operational and have transfer basins running and the packing station ready. A few improvements and tweaks are still needed. Like anything in life there is always room for improvement but we are quite happy with the added space and close proximity to the airport and our ocean based farm just a few miles down the road. That almost ideal work triangle helps us with transport times and beating traffic. Anyone that has been to the beautiful Island of Bali has one or two traffic stories to share. Shaving a bit off that commute was worth the move. The added benefit when starting from scratch was that we could design the facility to our own specifications. So that helps with the workflow and getting our life coral to our wholesale import partners in a short time. One thing you wont be finding at our new facility are big office spaces an impressive lobby and large conference rooms. We are a nimble operation dedicated to efficiency and a small environmental footprint. While a personal connection to our customers is important, we think we rather treat you to a coffee or a traditional Balinese dish in any of our wonderful little restaurants nearby than trying to impress anyone with a large office. Our facility is pretty much dedicated to what we do: Running the logistics of shipping life coral to far flung destinations worldwide. To be honest our facility is not very glamorous. Unlike what we sell. We like to think that we put all the effort in so our coral can shine in glory.

Transfer basins allow the coral to acclimate
Packing coral
Shipment getting ready