New Facilities are taking Shape

Some of our Wholesale Coral customers know that we have been working on the construction of our new processing and shipping facility. While its not finished yet, we can not contain our excitement that our building is taking shape as this is post is written. We hope to be able to share some photos soon. While our old facilities were functional, we were looking for a better location with shorter travel times, and a bit more room to accommodate our growing customer demand. This time we are building from scratch so that we could build according to our needs and processing procedures. We are very excited about the prospects of shorter transfer times and a more efficient handling of the fragile life coral we grow in the ocean very close near by. So stay tuned for more information on our built. Rest assured we are fully operational during the transition and very well capable of handling any shipment request you might have. If you are not yet on our elusive list of Wholesale coral distributors, and you are interested in importing quantities of live coral, contact us for our terms and conditions and a list of available product. We can serve you now and even better once we are fully operational in the new facility.