Happy new year

We wish our wholesale coral sellers and business partners a great new year. It has been an interesting time, that has not been without the occasional challenge here and there. Staying healthy and safe while navigating a sensitive and highly specialized ocean farming operation can be a demanding task. We want to thank our staff for their dedication and diligence, that has made it possible to remain operational and successful under the most challenging circumstances. We are looking forward to continue serving the countless ornamental fish enthusiasts worldwide that enjoy our beautiful life coral and we are thankful that your find relaxation and inspiration with your own home-bound coral reef. We are sure that despite our best efforts we will encounter the one or other shipping difficulty until air traffic has resumed regular pre-covid operation standards. We are thankful to our worldwide coral import partners that you stuck with us through these challenging 24 months and we are looking forward to continue to supply you with our beautiful farm raised life coral. The water is still warm in Bali, the sun is shining and we are looking forward to a bright new year. May 2022 bring you all your are hoping for.