Happy New Year

This year had certainly gone by fast it seems. Well being busy makes time fly, they say. That seems true for us. With the different professional conferences and symposiums, our expansion projects with the new facilities and growing customer base we sure were quite busy at times. We at the Coral Farm wish you and your family a wonderful 2024 and hope that prosperity, health, and happiness be on your side throughout the year. May your coral grow and your money flow. We will do out best to assist with that. We will have a few days in December and January where we are not fully staffed so our response to your inquiries and orders might have a slight delay. We apologize in advance and promise to do our best to serve you in a timely manner. We are looking forward supplying you with beautiful life coral in the years to come. We want to thank our wholesale coral distributor customers for their loyal and ongoing patronage. Without your tireless work we would not have a chance to reach so many destinations with our coral.